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Millennial Makeover Method

private one-on-one 3 month coaching program

Is this you?​

⚡️ Feeling unfulfilled, directionless, confusion, lack of motivation

⚡️ Feeling trapped in a form of commitment (either personal or professional)

⚡️ In a job where you're feeling miserable

⚡️ Feeling unfulfilled despite having accomplished everything you were “supposed” to on paper

⚡️ Feeling like you may have allowed other people to define what success looks like for you

⚡️ Wanting to make a career shift or pursue a side hustle that's more fulfilling but don't know how

⚡️ No idea or too many ideas on what to do

⚡️ Feeling unhappy because you're not showing up fully for yourself

⚡️ Feeling insecure and imposter syndrome to live life authentically you

⚡️ Feeling isolated from comparing self to others on social media

⚡️ Wanting a new set of friends due to priorities changing

If so, I'm here to help :)

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After working with me, you will...

🌸 Be confident in yourself and who you truly are

🌸 Feel free to live life authentically you

🌸 Know what fulfills you and finally going after that

🌸 No longer feel trapped, be clear on what you truly want in your personal and professional life

🌸 Be able to define your own version of success

🌸 Have learned to either love the job you're in, or have an exit plan with a new job lined up, or in the same job but exploring a side hustle that's more fulfilling

🌸 Know how to use your mind to work for you

🌸 No longer be held back by your limiting beliefs and will know how to overcome them

🌸 Understand courage and it's relationship with fear, resistance, and detachment

🌸 Know how to make new friends, how to enrich current relationships, how to let go of toxic relationships, and how to set boundaries


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Some Testimonials...

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What you receive 💫

✨ 3 Month Private One-on-One Coaching

✨ 2 one hour calls per month (bi-weekly) via Zoom so 6 One-on-One coaching sessions total

✨ Email, Text, and Voice Message Support (you basically have me in your backpocket for 3 months)

✨ Custom Resources such as Custom Hypnosis, Custom Journal Prompts, Custom Action Plan, Custom EFT

My Millennial Makeover Method program is designed to give you the guidance you've been searching for... 


When was the last time someone asked you what you wanted?

In a nutshell, our goal is to get clear on you and your desires - who do you really want to be, what do you want, and how do you want your life to look like?


We then release any subconscious limiting thoughts, ideas, beliefs around that (research has proven that our subconscious is in charge of 95% of our life - a majority of the decisions we make, actions we take, our emotions and behaviors, are all controlled by our subconscious). So imagine how much your subconscious may be holding you back. Our goal is to release and reprogram as needed. This is where my Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis certification comes in 🙂 


Once we've cleared the subconscious blocks out of the way, we focus on the conscious strategies and steps that need to be taken to get to where you truly want to be. We plan for and execute any action steps that need to be taken. This is where my Life and Success Coaching certification comes in 🙂


Throughout our time together, I will also share some foundational concepts around self, mindset, relationships, motivation, courage, fear, boundaries, and so much more.  


3D Pink Flower
3D Pink Flower

More than anything my bottom line in creating this program is to...

🌸 Help you get absolutely clear on what you really want

🌸 Release anything holding you back from getting to that 

🌸 Use a blend of subconscious and conscious strategies to support you 

🌸 Give you guidance around any actions steps you need to take

🌸 Help you be unafraid to go after your dreams

🌸 Help you find fulfillment and joy in every area of your life

🌸 Help you own who you are so you have confidence from within

🌸 Help you better your relationship with yourself which in turn betters your relationship with others 

In the end you will feel...

🌸 Proud of investing in yourself

🌸 Upleveled, Aligned, Authentically You!

🌸 Unapologetic to go after what you deserve

Meet your coach and mentor...

Hi, I'm Nicky 💕


I used to be where you are right now but I longed for more just like you.


During my early 20's, I struggled to figure out who I really was and what I really wanted. Because of this, I took on a job that made me money but made me unhappy. I stayed in friendships that kept me small. I stayed in a relationship that validated me, but didn't fulfill me.

From the outside looking in, I had it all.. But on the inside, I struggled with anxiety and depression.

🌼 I wondered how I can have it all and still feel unsatisfied

🌼 I couldn't figure it out on my own, I had low self confidence and low self esteem

🌼 I went to therapy, read all the self help books, watched all the YouTube videos.. nothing helped

🌼 Until I got a life coach myself who made me realize that I was feeling lost because I was living my life for other people and not for myself..

🌼 I was fulfilling everyone else's dreams and expectations of me and in the process, shutting my true self out

I'm so glad I found my life coach because she taught me so much of the foundation I needed to transform my life... From that point forward, I made a vow that I would work on myself. I learned so much from her. I started to take the steps necessary to create the change I wanted. 

🌼 Things got so much better, I began to make decisions that were more aligned with my true self, decisions that made me truly happy

🌼 I was able to set boundaries more easily and knew when to say no because I learned what was important to me, I lived and embodied my values

🌼 Because of this, I was able to attract the job I always wanted, the friends I've always longed for, and the relationship of my dreams 

🌼 Lastly, and most importantly, I learned how to be my own best friend and cheerleader

Interested in working with me? 

Schedule a free Clarity Call using link below 💗


​And if you want this for yourself too, I'm here to tell you, you can have it too!

🌼 I took it a step further and got certified to be a Life and Success Coach with specialty in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

🌼 I implemented everything I learned, I built my confidence and mindset

🌼 I reprogrammed my mind and learned it's inner workings and made the changes I needed to make in my life, easily and effortlessly

🌼 I worked on my negative thought patterns and learned how to make my subconscious work for me

🌼 Through NLP, I was able to release limiting beliefs and emotions from my past that held me back from making long lasting changes

🌼 I gained knowledge of proven processes on goal setting used by highly successful people

🌼 I learned how to trick myself into creating the identity I always wanted - which led me to embody the habits I needed to achieve my goals, small or big

And now, I've bundled all of this knowledge and experience to create a program built just for you! You no longer have to waste time finding the answers. I packaged it all to make it easy for you. 

My program will show you steps and processes you can implement in your life to finally be able to live the life you've always wanted 💗

I whole-heartedly believe that our desires are meant for us, so if this is calling you,
schedule a free Clarity Call using link below 💗

I would love to chat 💕
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